2013 Camping Guidelines

1. Space size is 20’ wide x 50’ long, or smaller if it is a smaller unit.
2. Space fee is $14 per day
3. Pets are to be leashed and under your control at all times- please clean up after them. ( No Pets in Grandstand )
4. Fireworks are prohibited and users will be asked to leave.
5. Excessively loud generators may be subject to “Quiet Time” hours of 1am to 7am.
6. Loud music and/or excessive partying within the “Quiet Hours” will result in loss of camping privileges.
7. Golf Carts/ATV’s/Mules/Mini bikes, Must be ridden at a slow friendly pace, no horse play or racing, anyone not in compliance will lose their privilege to ride.
8. Small (Small) campfires are permitted, but must be fully contained. No digging into ground for fire hole or do not use wood with nails.
9. For pump out service, see your camp host to pick up ticket, place ticket in windshield of motor home, or in plain view. Absolutely No DUMPING on ground of ANY kind.
10.Fresh water will be available. There will be two sources
to get the fresh water, going around each day.
11.Place trash in/at or near the closest trash can, so that it
can be picked up in a timely manner.
Failure to comply with any or all of these rules will result in loss of Privilege. Please treat any and all Rules, People and East Bay Raceway Park with your utmost RESPECT, so we all can enjoy this wonderful event.

THANK YOU… HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!! Enjoy The Races !!!!