7/26/2014 Limited Late Model Feature Finish

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Tampa, FL – July 29, 2014

7/26/2014 Limited Late Model Feature Finish

After extensive research and verification from Holley Carburetors about the screws holding the butterflies in place, we are re-installing Scotty Williams as the winner of the Limited Late Model feature event on Saturday night July 26, 2014. He will be awarded all monies, points and trophies for that event. We apologize to Scotty for the aggravation of the wrong call, but with the information we had at the time, we felt it was the right call. Now, that we have more information, we realize it was a mistake.

We made the call based on the past history of Holly Carburetors building the carburetors with the screws that protruded out a minimum of .060 inches. They now install a stainless steel screw that is installed with loc-tite and is flush with the shaft.

The rule is being amended and will be called this way in the future.

This change is only for the Limited Late Model class.

The Street Stocks do still have to abide by the .060 inch protruding rule for the 4412 carburetors.

We hope that all classes realize that we would prefer any questions or discrepancies that arise with any rule be brought to our attention before it makes it to the tech area. We have 7 classes that we have to police and when things change with products that we mandated and this is not brought to our attention, mistakes will take place. If there is any rule in any class that needs adjusting or changing, please bring it to our attention by letting either Steve O’Lone or Al Varnadore know and maybe we can keep this from happening in the future.

Congratulations Scotty, you did drive a great race and deserved the win.