Forrest Gough Wins Fifth Feature Of The Season Winning Limited Late Model Feature At East Bay Raceway Park

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Gough Winner 6-8-14

Forrest Gough Wins Fifth Feature Of The Season Winning Limited Late Model Feature At East Bay Raceway Park

June 7, 2014, – Tampa, FL – Great night of action as the Limited Late Models, Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, V8 Warriors, Outlaw Fours, 4 Cylinder Bombers and the first Ladies Powder Puff race of the season in the 4 Cylinder Bombers.

First feature of the night belonged to the V8 Warriors with Derek Gray and Jimmy Baker winning their heats to make up the front row for the 15 lap feature event. When the green waved Gray led the first lap until Jeremey Simpson stopped in turn four with a right rear flat on lap two. Gray would lead the field back to the green only to have another caution come out on the following lap as Bo Anderson and Roberto Morfin, Sr tangled in turn 2. It seemed that cautions took over the race as drivers could only get in one lap at a time. Jimmy Baker had taken the lead over from Gray on lap five and on lap six Raymond Vann spun breaking an axle ending his night. On lap six it would be a single file restart with Mike Wilson moving up to second after starting in the fifteenth spot. Baker and Wilson would run side by side at the line on lap seven as Wilson took over the lead with Baker getting a right rear flat. Baker would take it to the pits and make it back out before the green waved. Lap nine Kevin Cassaday would go airborne as Roberto Morfin, Sr. lost a right axle ending both of their nights. Lap thirteen Simpson lost his hood in turn three bringing out the final caution of the night. Mike Wilson went on to win his second feature of the year. Rounding out the top five were Tim Stoffel, Nicholas Schneider, Henry Wiley, and Jimmy Baker.

The next feature of the night was the Limited Late Models. Winning their were Scotty Williams and Forrest Gough would start on the front row for their 15 lap feature. Gough took the early lead with Williams trailing him. First caution came out on lap one as several drivers spun in turn four but all drivers were able to continue. Gough again led the field to the green and on lap four Ricky Land spun in turn two bringing out the next caution. Several more cautions would also come out during this feature but Forrest was able to hold off Roger Crouse picking up his fifth feature win of the 2014 season and extending his points lead over the defending Champion Dale Pope. Rounding out the top five were Roger Crouse, Richard Livernois, Jr., Austin Sanders and Jason Pope.

Next up were the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds as Travis Varnadore and Buzzie Reutimann won their heats. Nate Bregenzer and Austin Sanders made up the front row for the 15 lap feature. Sanders would take the early lead after finishing fourth in the Limited Late Models with Bregenzer and Reutimann trailing. First caution came out on lap six as James Decker spun in turn two. The final green waved on lap ten as Sanders went on to win his first feature of the season with Travis Varnadore, Matt Miller, Nate Bregenzer and Buzzie Reutimann rounding out the top five. 4 Cylinder Bombers were next as Patrick Fiore, Sr. and Britt Mann won their heat races. It would be an all female front row as Cindy Mann and Kayla Jones would lead the field to the green for their 15 lap feature event. Jones quickly took over the top spot with Eddie Summitt and Fiore, Sr. the top three. Fiore, Sr. took over the lead from Jones on lap five and would keep it until the last caution came out on lap seven. It was Fiore, Sr. bring the field to the green as he held on to pick up the win with Kayla Jones, Britt Mann, George Handy and Richard Humfeld rounding out the top five.

Outlaw Fours were next up as Nick Hebrank and Brandon Yates won their heats. Yates would start on the pole as last time winner Brian Barse would start next to him. Green flag waved and Yates led the first four laps until Don R. Quinn spun collecting Stephen Hohlbaugh. On the restart Yates would lead with Zach Amundsen, Brian Barse, Nick Hebrank and Mark Moniz rounding out the top five. On lap five it would be Yates leading by just a half a car length over Amundsen, but Amundsen spun in turn two sending him to the tail end of the field. Yates would lead the field to the green once again as Barse moved up to second and Hebrank now to third. On laps seven and eight it was Yates and Barse side by side at the line until Barse took over the lead and went on to win back to back features. Rounding out the top five was Nick Hebrank, Zach Amundsen, Brandon Yates and Mark Moniz.

Final event of the night was the Ladies Powder Puff in the 4 Cylinder Bombers. Nine ladies had signed up for the 10 lap feature. On the front row it would be Michelle Valdez and Angela Bryant. Bryant had won the previous two events in two different cars looking to make it a third win in a third different car. Green waved and Valdez quickly jumped out into the lead with Bryant and Kelly Prather the top three. Prather took over the lead until lap four when caution came out for Kendra Quinn. Quinn would have to go to the rear of the nine car field as Valdez led the field to the green on the restart. Valdez and Prather would make contact on the front stretch sending both drivers to the rear of the field. Bryant inherited the lead with Caitlin Fleming and Shelby Ingram the top three. Bryant and Fleming would battle it out as they were coming to the checkered flag. Contact between Bryant and Fleming resulted in Bryant rolling her and Fleming hitting the frontstretch wall. Seeing her opportunity for the win, Kendra Quinn drove on to the checkered picking up her very first feature win following in the footsteps of her brother Don R. Quinn and her father Don T. Quinn who has both won features in the 4 Cylinder Bomber division. When interviewed in Victory Lane she said she saw the checkered and wasn’t giving up. She was a very happy young lady and also very thankful to her family in supporting her. The top three cars had crossed the line before the red came out making it official. Rounding out the top five were Kelly Prather, Michelle Valdez, Angela Bryant and Caitlin Fleming.

Racing continues next weekend as the Late Models return for the 50 Lap Donnie Tanner Memorial Race #2. Also racing next weekend will be the Limited Late Models, Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks and the Outlaw Fours. Friday night will be Open Practice from 6-10 pm with FREE admission to the grandstands. Next Saturday night will be a Special Event with Special Event prices in effect. For further information, log on to or call 813-677-7223 for more information.

Racing Results:
V8 Warrior 15 Lap Feature

1. 68 Mike Wilson
2. 08 Tim Stoffel
3. 18 Nicholas Schneider
4. 11 Henry Wiley
5. 69x Jimmy Baker
6. 13 Brett Phillips
7. 33 Bo Anderson
8. 26 Jason Manning
9. 7M Roberto Morfin, Sr.
10. 80 Kevin Cassaday
11. 89 Derek Gray
12. 32 Raymond Vann
13. 7 Bill Dixon
14. 78 Doug Morris
15. 50 Steve Voisinet (DNS)
16. 75 Jeremey Simpson (DQ Different Size Tires)
17. 12J Jason Burnside (DQ Adjustable Spring Pockets)

Limited Late Model 15 Lap Feature
1. 21 Forrest Gough
2. 45 Roger Crouse
3. 71 Richard Livernois, Jr.
4. 74 Austin Sanders
5. 102 Jason Pope
6. 0 Darrell Taylor
7. 66 Ricky Land
8. 93 Paul Sampson
9. 09 Jessica Robbins
10. 222 Troy Dittebrand
11. 7 Mark Pickelsimer
12. 88 Dale Pope
13. 27 Scotty Williams
14. 49 Randy Shields
15. 57 Curtis Book

Gagel’s Open Wheel Modified 15 Lap Feature
1. 64 Austin Sanders
2. 205 Travis Varnadore
3. 8M Matt Miller
4. 73 Nate Bregenzer
5. 00 Buzzie Reutimann
6. 47 Bill Howard
7. 6 Roger Crouse
8. 43J James Decker
9. 35 Jerry Bruce
10. 8S Steve Miller 4 Cylinder Bomber 15 Lap Feature
1. 88 Patrick Fiore, Sr.
2. 4 Kayla Jones
3. 4×4 Britt Mann
4. 22 George Handy
5. 04x Richard Humfeld
6. 0 Cindy Mann
7. 09x Brett Calonge
8. 5Y Aaron Yahnke
9. 5 Eddie Summitt
10. 23 Gary Lucas
11. 05 Mike Ferguson
12. 23i Kevin Irwin
13. 0G Randy Tyler (DNS)
14. 23i Chris Irwin (DNS)

Outlaw Fours 15 Lap Feature
1. 5 Brian Barse
2. 9 Nick Hebrank
3. 20 Zach Amundsen
4. 53 Brandon Yates
5. 41 Mark Moniz
6. 7M Roberto Morfin, Jr.
7. 88 Thomas Braswell
8. 42 Candie Moniz
9. 33 Don R. Quinn
10. 19 Jack Hampton
11. 01 Stephen Hohlbaugh

Ladies Powder Puff 10 Lap Feature
1. 33 Kendra Quinn
2. 4 Kelly Prather
3. 24 Michelle Valdez
4. 4×4 Angela Bryant
5. 18 Caitlin Fleming
6. 88 Shelby Ingram
7. 05 Debbie McDonald
8. 00 Christina Watts
9. 2B Rachel Moon

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