2014 Go- Kart Announcement

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Tuesday May 27, 2014 – Tampa, FL

2014 Go-Kart Announcement

Due to the continued inconsistent low car counts and attendance that we have been experiencing in the first 3 months of the 2014 season, we are being forced to make a major change in the 2014 East Bay Raceway Park season schedule. The low car counts and attendance have made the Go-kart program a financially non-profitable event. We are going to take the summer months of June, July and August off, as they have typically been slow months in the past few years. We will pick up the season again beginning September 12, 2014.

We, at East Bay Raceway Park, hate to make such a drastic change, but hope that each of you understand that this is a necessary change. We hope that each of you understand the costs involved in conducting these Go-Kart events, from track preparation to personnel and lighting, the expenses that are involved can be very expensive and has to be made up within each event. We hope that this break will allow racers to get their karts fixed up and allow more participants to attend on a more consistent basis in the fall when the weather is also more conducive to racing. We will evaluate the situation of making up the races lost after we get started again in September. If the kart count and attendance does come back up to a financially feasible level, we may add events back to the schedule to make the lost events up.

We also would like to THANK each and every one of the families that have supported our Go-Kart program in the 2014 season and also the past few years. We do apologize to each and every one of our regular supporters for having to interrupt their season in this manner. We do understand how expensive this sport can become and have tried in the past to keep the costs down for all of our competitors. We hope that this lay-off will benefit everyone and make the fall season a better and more enjoyable time for everyone involved.

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