Jack Nosbisch, Jr. Wins Late Model Feature At East Bay Raceway Park

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Nosbisch Jr Winner 4-19-14

April 12, 2014, – Tampa, FL – It was a night kids would come out to meet the Easter Bunny and get up close with their favorite drivers as they handed out candy during intermission. Ambassador Limo, Audio Expert Car Audio and Explicit Graphics donated bicycles to be given away to 2 girls and 2 boys. Late Models, Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, Outlaw Fours, Florida Old Time Modifieds and Double Features for the Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers would be on hand to battle for the wins at The Clay By The Bay.

First feature would be the make-up feature for the Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers. Richard Humfeld and Patrick Fiore, Sr. made up the front row for the feature. When the green waved Humfeld quickly grabbed the lead with Fiore, Sr. close behind him. On lap two it was Humfeld by a half car length over Fiore, Sr. with Fiore, Sr. taking over the lead on lap three and going onto to win as there were no cautions for the feature. Rounding out the top five were Richard Humfeld, Aaron Yahnke, Don R. Quinn and Gary Lucas.

Next up were the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds. Winning their heats were Dale Kelley and Jerry Bruce. For the feature it was Paul Snyder and Jerry Bruce. When the green waved Snyder quickly took the lead with Bruce and Bill Howard trailing. By lap seven Snyder had a full straight away lead over now second place Reutimann. It was on lap eleven when Nate Bregenzer slowed in turn two ending his night. The green waved and for the final four laps Snyder led the rest of the way and went onto win with Buzzie Reutimann, Jerry Bruce, Bill Howard and Roger Crouse rounding out the top five.

Outlaw Fours were next with Robert Morfin, Jr. and Jack Hampton winning their heat early on. Making up the front row for the feature would be Brandon Yates and Chris Zimmerman. Yates would lead the way into turn one leading the first seven laps until Raymond Rogers, Jr. spun on the front stretch bringing out the first of two cautions for the feature. Second caution came out on the restart as third place Nick Hebrank spun in turn two. The field was lined back up the for the final restart as Brandon Yates went on to win the feature with Chris Zimmerman, Zach Amundsen, Brittany Yates and Roberto Morfin, Jr. rounded out the top five.
Florida Old Time Mods were next as David Kelly won the heat race and it was Richard Svenson and Bob Fink making up the front row for the feature event. Fink led the first three laps until lap four as he and Jamie Franklin were side by side at the start finish line. Franklin took over on lap six and Bob Fink battled back to regain the lead on lap eight. But Franklin charged back and took over the lead and went on to win the caution free race for the Florida Old Time Modifieds. Rounding out the top five was Dan Darnell, Bob Fink, David Kelly and Gary Riccio.

Next up was the 25 lap feature for the Late Models. Jack Nosbisch, Jr. and Shan Smith won their heat races early on. For the feature it was Smith and Nosbisch, Jr. making up the front row. Nosbisch, Jr. quickly grabbed the lead on lap one with Bryan Bernhardt getting by Smith for second with Smith now third. Nosbisch, Jr. and Bernhardt were starting to reach lapped traffic by lap seven with Smith still in third. Lap twelve was when the first caution came out as Phillip Cobb and Tim Dowling both slowed ending their nights. On the restart in turn two, Kyle Musselman and John Koller tangled with Koller almost going over. Musselman’s night was done with a fourteenth place finish as Koller was able to continue only to get a tenth place finish. It was the final restart on lap twelve as Nosbisch, Jr. was able to hold off Bernhardt and go on to win his first feature of the 2014 Season. Rounding out the top five were Bernhardt, Shan Smith, Josh Peacock and Jamie Slatton.

Final feature was the second feature for the Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers. Winning their heats early on were Patrick Fiore, Sr. and George Handy who also made up the front row for the feature. Handy quickly led the way with Fiore, Sr. and Kayla Jones the top three until lap two as caution came out for several cars tangling on the front stretch with damage to the right front of Stephen Morris and Brett Calonge losing a wheel and getting a right front flat in the process ending his night with a seventeenth place finish and Morris with a sixteenth finish. That was the only caution of the feature as George Handy was able to hold off Patrick Fiore, Sr. as he was hoping to make it a back to back night feature wins. Rounding out the top five were Fiore, Sr., Kayla Jones, Richard Humfeld and Wayne Kissam.

Racing continues next weekend as the Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints and the Florida Mini Sprints make their first appearance of the 2014 season. Also racing will be the Limited Late Models and the Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks. For further information, log on to www.eastbayracewaypark.com for call 813-677-7223 for more information.

Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds 15 Lap Feature
1. 54 Paul Snyder
2. 00 Buzzie Reutimann
3. 35 Jerry Bruce
4. 47 Bill Howard
5. 9 Roger Crouse
6. 81 Thomas Pratt
7. 22 Dale Kelley
8. 311 Kenny Monahan
9. 64 Austin Sanders
10. 20 Lars Amundsen
11. 43J James Decker
12. 72 Nate Bregenzer
13. 67 Garret Stewart
14. 16 R.J. Williams (DNS)

Outlaw Fours 15 Lap Feature
1. 53 Brandon Yates
2. 01 Chris Zimmerman
3. 20 Zach Amundsen
4. 22B Brittany Yates
5. 7M Roberto Morfin, Jr.
6. 9 Nick Hebrank
7. 88 Thomas Braswell
8. 33 Don R. Quinn
9. 17 Mark Nagle
10. 40R Raymond Rogers, Jr.
11. 19 Jake Hampton

Florida Old Time Modifieds 12 Lap Feature
1. 1 Jame Franklin
2. 111 Dan Darnell
3. 28 Bob Fink
4. 46 David Kelly
5. 03 Gary Riccio
6.40M Richard Svenson
7. 47 Roger Herbach

Late Model 25 Lap Feature
1. 12 Jack Nosbisch, Jr.
2. B69 Bryan Bernhardt
3. 55 Shan Smith
4. 21P Josh Peacock
5. 11J Jamie Slatton
6. 105 David Schmauss
7. 88 David Pollen, Jr.
8. 9 Jimmy Waldrop
9. 87 John Norris
10. 1* John Koller
11. P1 Wallace Peacock
12. 7 Billy Holmes
13. 11M Megan Meyer
14. 46M Kyle Musselman
15. 15 Phillip Cobb
16. 55x Timmy Dowling

Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bomber Make-Up Feature
1. 88 Patrick Fiore, Sr.
2. 04x Richard Humfeld
3. 5Y Aaron Yahnke
4. 33 Don R. Quinn
5. 23 Gary Lucas
6. 22 George Handy
7. 27N Jimmy Williams
8. 23x Darrell Taylor
9. 5 Eddie Summitt
10. 813 Stephen Morris
11. 4 Kayla Jones
12. 911 Robert Kissam (DNS)
13. 66E Edith Scott (DNS)
14. 09x Brett Calonge (DQ-No Brake Lights)

Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bomber 2nd Feature
1. 22 George Handy
2. 88 Patrick Fiore, Sr.
3. 4 Kayla Jones
4. 04x Richard Humfeld
5. 07 Wayne Kissam
6. 5 Eddie Summitt
7. 23 Gary Lucas
8. 82 Devon Smith
9. 33 Kendra Quinn
10. 0 Cindy Mann
11. 177 Jake Gross
12. 86 John McCutcheon
13. 5Y Aaron Yahnke
14. 813 Stephen Morris
15. 27N Jimmy Williams
16. 318 Chris Morris
17. 09x Brett Calonge
18. 18 Dalton Goldhammer (DNS)

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