Jason Fitzgerald Passes Whitener To Win Scott Thompson Memorial At East Bay Raceway Park

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Fitzgerald Winner 4-12-14

April 12, 2014, – Tampa, FL – It was the Scott Thompson Memorial in conjunction with the United Dirt Late Model Series and the Donnie Tanner Memorial Series as 38 Late Models signed in to compete for the coveted Sweet’s Designs Guitar designed trophy and also the big payday of $3,800 to win with a bonus of $200 courtesy of Select Environmental Services, Inc. They also included a BONUS PAY of an extra $400 to the third and seventh place finishers. Also racing were the Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks, Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers, East Bay Sprints and the Daytona Area Antique Racing Association.

First feature of the night was the Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks. Winning their heats were Thomas Burnside and Tim Gay. For the 15 Lap Feature Event it was William Burnside and Tim Gay making up the front row. When the green flag waved it was Gay leading the way with the Burnside brothers William and Thomas trailing. First caution came out on lap one as Jeff Rodgers spun in turn two. Several more cautions would come out until lap five when the red flag would come out as William Burnside found himself upside down in turn two. Burnside was okay and finished twelfth overall. With time limit running out with the cautions it would be determined a GREEN-WHTE-CHECKERED would come into play. Winning the feature in as many starts, Tim Gay found himself in Victory Lane for a third time. Rounding out the top five were Ronnie Whitley, Jeff Rodgers, Buck Woodhouse and Thomas Burnside.

Next up were the two B-Mains consisting of 10 laps taking the top three to the 50 Lap A-Main. Transferring from the B-Main #1 was Steven Mathis, Jr., Jeff Mathew and Steve Miller and from B-Main #2 were Adam Bedenbaugh, Travis Varnadore and Jamie Slatton and picking up a provisional was Dave Schmauss.

The Daytona Area Antique Racing Association would run their feature events next but names of the winners were unavailable at the time.

Next up was the Scott Thompson Memorial paying $3,800 to win with the BONUS PAY of $200 making it a $4,000 Feature Event. Six heat races were run with the top three advancing to the A-Main. Winning their heat races were John Kellum, Jack Nosbisch, Jr., Mark Whitener, Shan Smith, Phillip Cobb and Devin Dixon. Those drivers would draw for the starting positions and it was Phillip Cobb and Devin Dixon on the front row for the feature. It was then time for the feature as all 25 drivers made their way to the front stretch and coming to a complete stop as cars were cut off as fans were given the lineup by series announcer Jim Rouse. It was Bill & Martha Thompson who where on hand with young Levi on the front stretch as Levi gave the command “Driver’s start your engines!” All twenty five cars came to life as the fans waved on the drivers as the waved back saluting the fans on the parade lap. When the green flag waved it was Dixon taking charge over Cobb and Whitener until lap two when the first caution came out as several cars got together. Dixon would lead once again until lap five as Rookie Megan Meyer and the 2011 Winner Travis Varnadore tangled on the backstretch. Both drivers would have to retire and ended both of their nights. Green flag waved once again as the “Magic Man” Mark Whitener would take over on lap ten getting by Phillip Cobb but on lap sixteen Cobb slowed in turn four ending his night with a twentieth position. Whitener would lead the field to the green flag as Shan Smith and Jack Nosbisch, Jr. were the top three. Next caution would come out on lap seventeen as Scott Lagasee, Jr. spun in turn two. Caution would also come out on lap twenty as Darrell Padgett slowed in turn two. Whitener would lead the field to the green flag on lap seventeen with Nosbisch, Jr. over Smith. Whitener would lead the way for the next thirteen laps with Nosbisch, Jr., Smith, Jason Fitzgerald and Keith Nosbisch the top five. Series leader Austin Kirkpatrick slowed down and had a right rear flat bringing out the caution on lap thirty four. It was then a single file restart on lap forty but on lap forty-one the 2010 Winner Doug Horton also had a right rear flat ending his bid for another Guitar Trophy. Several more cautions came out until the final restart with Whitener still in charge with Smith, Keith Nosbisch, Jack Nosbisch, Jr. and Ivadent Lloyd, Jr. now up to the fifth spot. Whitener appeared to have his third guitar in hand as he won it back-to-back in 2012 & 2013, but with just two laps to go Fitzgerald getting by Whitener after restarting fifth on lap fourty-three and going on to win his first Scott Thompson Memorial. Fitzgerald climbed out of the car with a grin from ear to ear and thanked his sponsors and car owner for giving him the opportunity to drive. Rounding out the top five was the 2009 winner Keith Nosbisch, Shan Smith, Ivedent Lloyd, Jr. and Jack Nosbisch, Jr.

Next up were the East Bay Sprints. Winning their heats were Jimmy Ballew and Billy Boyd, Jr. Jason Webster and Boyd, Jr. made up the front row for the 20 lap feature. When the green waved Webster quickly went out in front with the defending Champion Billy Boyd, Jr. trailing behind. First caution came out on lap three with Lorenzo Capitano spinning in turn four. On the restart Webster once again showed his muscle and led Boyd, Jr. through lapped traffic by lap eight. Boyd, Jr. was catching Webster in the turns but was not able to take advantage of the slower cars as Webster went on to win his very first feature in the Sprints. Webster climbed out and on to the rear of the car waving the checkered flag as his family and crew quickly greeted him in Victory Lane. He thanked his Mom & Dad for putting him in the best equipment to put him in Victory Lane. Rounding out the top five were Jimmy Ballew, Billy Boyd, Jr., Tony Agin and Tim George.

With the curfew in effect, the Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers feature had to be postponed and would be put off till next Saturday night making it a double feature for the Bombers. Winning their heats early on were Patrick Fiore, Sr. and birthday girl Kayla Jones.

Racing continues next weekend as the Late Models, Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, Outlaw Fours, Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers and the Florida Old Time Modifieds. For further information, log on to www.eastbayracewaypark.com for call 813-677-7223 for more information.

Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stock 15 Lap Feature
1. 90 Tim Gay
2. 84 Ronnie Whitley
3. Jeff Rodgers
4. 55 Buck Woodhouse
5. 13 Thomas Burnside
6. 55R Roy Woodhouse
7. 24 Dennis Williams
8. 58 Matt Bozeman
9. 51M Roberto Morfin, Sr.
10. 95JR Justan Rodgers
11. G95 Chris Graebner
12. 31 William Burnside
13. 75 Billy Barstow
14. 96 Larry Chumney
15. X Rick Martin
16. 30 Kenny Eberly
17. J18 Terry Jones
18. 89 David Barwick, II

Scott Thompson Memorial Late Model 50 Lap Feature
1. 7 Jason Fitzgerald
2. 02 Keith Nosbisch
3. 55 Shan Smith
4. 33x Ivedent Lloyd, Jr.
5. 12 Jack Nosbisch, Jr.
6. 58 Mark Whitener
7. 26 Adam Bedenbaugh
8. B69 Bryan Bernhardt
9. 105 David Schmauss
10. 88 David Pollen, Jr.
11. 8M Matt Miller
12. 33 Jeff Mathews
13. 46P Darrell Padgett
14. 95x Steven Mathis, Jr.
15. 33c Carter Stokes
16. 11 Doug Horton
17. 11K Austin Kirkpatrick
18 11J Jamie Slatton
19. 8 Scott Lagasse, Jr.
20. 32 Phillip Cobb
21. 41K John Kellum
22. 95 Devin Dixon
23. 14 Travis Varnadore
24. 11M Megan Meyer
25. 8S Steve Miller

East Bay Sprints 20 Lap Feature
1. 21 Jason Webster
2. 0 Jimmy Ballew
3. 9 Billy Boyd, Jr.
4. 38 Tony Agin
5. 1* Tim George
6. 8 Rich Alexander
7. 3XK Guy Bos
8. 3T Johnny Alexander
9. 21A Rebecca George
10. 12 David Kelley
11. 80 Lorenzo Capitano
12. 17C Aileen Collins
13. 10X Sean Clark
14. 55 Kerry Gilbert
15. 3K Kurt Taylor
16. 07 Clint Reynolds (DNS)
17. 23D Dylan Colding (DNS)

Late Model B-Main #1 10 Laps – Top 3 Transfer
1. 95x Steven Mathis, Jr. TRANSFER
2. 33 Jeff Mathews TRANSFER
3. 8S Steve Miller TRANSFER
4. 46M Kyle Mussleman
5. 15 Roger Crouse
6. 55JR Devin Walker
7. 1* John Koller
8. 17H Blaise Hetznecker
9. 6 Adam Boyd
10. 07 Doug Watson

Late Model B-Main #2 10 Laps
1. 26 Adam Bedenbaugh TRANSFER
2. 14 Travis Varnadore TRANSFER
3. 11J Jamie Slatton TRANSFER
4. 105 David Schmauss PROVISIONAL
5. 87 John Norris
6. 3 Billy Body, Sr.
7. 74 Danny Fogal (DNS)
8. 21P Josh Peacock (DNS)
9. 54 Dalton Myers (DNS)
10. J17 Joe Kump (DNS)

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