Doug Horton Wins Late Model Feature And She Said Yes At East Bay Raceway Park

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Horton Winner 3-22-14

March 22, 2014, – Tampa, FL – It was once again another weather perfect night for the Late Models, Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks, 4 Cylinder Bombers and the Florida Old Time Modifieds.

First feature of the night belonged to the Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks with Thomas Burnside and Billy Barstow winning their heats early on. For the Feature it was Barstow and David Barwick,II making up the front row. The green waved and Barstow would lead the first six laps until coming from the twelfth starting spot was Tim Gay. Gay took over on lap seven until the first caution would come out for Chris Graebner who slowed down on the track with mechanical issues ending his night. Gay would lead again until the final caution came out with just two laps remaining as Kenny Eberly spun in turn two. Gay would then go on to lead the final laps and pick up his second feature win of the year. Tim Gay had problems in his heat race earlier on in the evening burning up the rear end gear he said in Victory Lane. His crew thrashed to get it fixed and all the hard work paid off with a win tonight Gay also stated. Rounding out the top five were Billy Barstow, Thomas Burnside, David Barwick, II and Buck Woodhouse.

Next up were the Florida Old Time Modifieds with Tom McDonald winning the heat race early on. For the Feature it was Charlie “Fireball” Mixson and McDonald starting on the front row. McDonald took the green flag and led the first two laps until David Kelly would take the lead on lap six. It was then on lap seven that Dan Darnell would take over the lead and led the rest of the caution free race and won the Feature. Rounding out the top five were David Kelly, Roger Herbach, Tom McDonald and Bob Fink.

The Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds were next but before the race would get underway, Nate Bregenzer would come up to front stretch and got out of his car with a big smile on his face and seemed a bit nervous. Nate would call out to his girlfriend of 2 years and asked her to join him on the front stretch. Nate then pulled a box out of his pocket and got down on one knee and popped the question. Without any hesitation Angela Fitch quickly responded with a loud yes and the two would embrace as the crowd applauded the couple on their engagement. Angela would help Nate back into his car and sent him off with a good luck kiss.
the proposal

Winning their heats early on were Roger Crouse and Austin Sanders and the two would also make up the front row for the Feature. When the green waved Crouse quickly jumped out into the lead until lap three as Jerry Bruce and Kenny Monahan both spun in turn two. On lap six Bregenzer stopped in turn four bringing out the next caution. The final caution came out on lap eight as James Decker spun on the back stretch into the water barrier. Crouse would continue to lead and go on to win the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modified Feature. Rounding out the top five were Devin Dixon, Austin Sanders, Buzzie Reutimann and Dale Kelley.

Late Models were next with Mavrick Varnadore and Josh Peacock winning their heats early on. The “Tampa Tornado” Jimmy Waldrop and Doug Horton made up the front row for the 25 Lap Feature. Horton would take the green flag and led until the first caution would wave as John Norris lost a left front fender with Horton almost running it over. Horton again would lead until caution came out on lap eleven as Rookie Megan Meyer would slow ending her night. The red flag would come out on lap twenty one as Jack Nosbisch, Jr. and David Pollen, Jr. got together with Nosbisch, Jr. with a rare roll over as the two made contact. Nosbisch, Jr. was okay but the car was not able to continue on. Horton would continue to lead the remainder of the race picking up his second Feature Win of the season. Rounding out the top five were Josh Peacock, Bryan Bernhardt, Phillip Cobb who started fourteenth and finishing fifth was David Schmauss.

Final Feature of the night was the 4 Cylinder Bombers. Patrick Fiore, Sr. and Gary Lucas won their heats early on. Lucas and Brett Calonge made up the front row for the feature and Lucas would lead until caution came out on lap one with Calonge leaking fluids and ended his night. Lucas would then lead until lap five as Patrick Fiore, Sr. took over until caution came out on lap eleven as point’s leader Jimmy Williams lost a right rear tire ending his night. On lap twelve Fiore, Sr. and Richard Humfeld were side by side at the line with Fiore to lead the next two. Coming to lap fourteen Calonge went high and Humfeld went low with John Moore splitting the two and going on to win back to back Features for the 4 Cylinder Bombers. Rounding out the top five were Richard Humfeld, Patrick Fiore, Sr., Stephen Morris and Dalton Goldhammer.

Racing continues next weekend with Late Models, Limited Late Models, Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks, Outlaw Fours and the V8 Warriors. For further information, log on to for call 813-677-7223 for more information.

V8 Warriors 15 Lap Feature
1. 90 Tim Gay
2. 75 Billy Barstow
3. Thomas Burnside
4. 89 David Barwick, II
5. 55 Buck Woodhouse
6. 55R Roy Woodhouse
7. 07 Larry Forrester, Sr.
8. 31 William Burnside
9. 51M Roberto Morfin, Sr.
10. 58 Matt Bozeman
11. 30 Kenny Eberly
12. G95 Chris Graebner
13. X Rick Martin
14. 56 Brett Koch
15. 26 Jeff Weaver (DNS)

Florida Old Time Modifieds 12 Lap Feature
1. 111 Dan Darnell
2. 46 David Kelly
3. 47 Roger Herback
4. 22B Tom McDonald
5. 28 Bob Fink
6. 40 Richard Svenson
7. 439 Rich Iversen
8. 11 Robert Campbell
9. 1 Jamie Franklin
10. 3 Charlie Mixson

Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds 15 Lap Feature
1. 9 Roger Crouse
2. 2 Devin Dixon
3. 64 Austin Sanders
4. 00 Buzzie Reutimann
5. 22 Dale Kelley
6. 205 Travis Varnadore
7. 35 Jerry Bruce
8. 311 Kenny Monahan
9. 43J James Decker
10. 73 Nate Bregenzer
11 47 Bill Howard (DNS)

Late Models 25 Lap Feature
1. 11 Doug Horton
2. 21P Josh Peacock
3. B69 Bryan Bernhadrt
4. 32 Phillip Cobb
5. 105 Dave Schmauss
6. 9 Jimmy Waldrop
7. 46M Kyle Mussleman
8. 3 Billy Boyd, Sr.
9. 12 Jack Nosbisch, Jr.
10. 88 David Pollen, Jr.
11. 15 Roger Crouse
12. 14 Mavrick Varnadore
13. 11M Megan Meyer
14. 87 John Norris 4 Cylinder Bombers 15 Lap Feature
1. 66 John Moore
2. 04x Richard Humfeld
3. 88 Patrick Fiore, Sr.
4. 813 Stephen Morris
5. 18 Dalton Goldhammer
6. 22 George Handy
7. 4 Kayla Jones
8. 7 Gene Gross
9. 318 Chris Morris
10. 82 Devon Smith
11. 16 Terry Cannon
12. 27N Jimmy Williams
13. 23 Gary Lucas
14. 0 Britt Mann
15. 09x Brett Calonge
16. 5 Eddie Summitt (DNS)
17. 72 Jessica Robbins (DNS)
18. 119 Robert Purcell (DNS)

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