AJ Maddox Wins East Bay Sprints At East Bay Raceway Park

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Maddox 3-15-14 Winner

March 15, 2014, – Tampa, FL – It was another beautiful evening as the East Bay Sprints made their first appearance of the 2014 Season. Also racing were the V8 Warriors, Limited Late Models and the Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers.

First feature of the night went to the V8 Warriors. Winning their heats early on were Ryan Lisak and Kevin Cassaday. For the feature it would be Henry Wiley and Cassaday making up the front row. When the green waved it was Cassaday quickly jumping out front and taking the lead for the first three laps until Raymond Vann took over on lap four. On lap seven Vann had Jimmy Baker battling as the two were side by side at the line. On lap eight it was Wiley spinning in turn four bringing out the first caution of the race. Then on lap thirteen Mike Wilson would try to take over the second spot away from Baker only to find himself as the second caution would come out as Wilson spun in turn four. When the checkered waved Vann would pick up the win with Baker, Cassaday, Lisak and Tim Stoffel rounding out the top five.

Next up were the Limited Late Models. Thomas Scott and Roger Crouse won their heats early on. For the feature it would be Richard Livernois, Jr. and Dale Pope on the front row. Livernois, Jr. quickly jumped out in front to lead the first seven laps until Jason Pope spun turn four just as Livernois, Jr. was beginning to catch lapped traffic. Livernois, Jr. took over the lead once again until Forrest Gough would take the top spot on lap eight. Several more cautions would come out but it was Gough winning the race with Roger Crouse, Dale Pope, Thomas Scott and Livernois, Jr. rounding out the top five. It was a very emotional win for Gough as his sister Donna had just passed away. Both Gough and his son had tears in their eyes but Gough said in Victory Lane that she wanted to be there, but now will be able to watch him from above every night he races. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Forrest Gough and his entire family for their loss.

East Bay Sprints were next for the 20 Lap Feature event with Jimmy Ballew, Billy Boyd, Jr. and AJ Maddox all winning their heat races early on. For the feature it was Maddox and Boyd, Jr. starting on the front row. When the green waved Maddox quickly took over the lead but it was David Kelly bringing out the first caution as he spun in turn four facing the wrong way. Maddox continued to lead the race with Boyd, Jr. trailing him through lapped traffic. The two drivers were going thru traffic with ease with Johnny Gilbertson closing in while the two battled. On lap fifteen it was DJ Peeples slowing down ending his night with just five laps to go. On the restart Maddox was able to hold off Boyd, Jr. for the remainder of the race to pick up the win. Rounding out the top five were Boyd, Jr., Johnny Gilbertson, Kurt Taylor and Frank Beck. Maddox and Boyd, Jr. also collect Bonus money courtesy of Job Site Concrete.

The final feature of the night was a caution free race as the Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers when green to checker with Defending Champion John Moore picking up the win with George Handy, Richard Humfeld, Patrick Fiore, Sr. and Aaron Yanke rounded out the top five. Winning their heat races early on were Handy and Fiore, Sr.

Racing continues next weekend with Late Models, Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks, Florida Old Time Mods and the Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers. For further information, log on to www.eastbayracewaypark.com for call 813-677-7223 for more information.

V8 Warriors 15 Lap Feature
1. 32 Raymond Vann
2. 69x Jimmy Baker
3. 80 Kevin Cassaday
4. 17 Ryan Lasik
5. 08 Tim Stoffel
6. 11 Henry Wiley
7. 7 Dylan Martin
8. 19 Beau Ferris (DNS)
9. 7M Roberto Morfin, Sr. (DNS)
10. 18 Nicholas Snyder (DNS)
11. 13 Brett Phillips (DQ Unsportsmanlike Conduct)
12. 68 Mike Wilson (DQ Unsportsmanlike Conduct)
13. 89 Derek Gray (DQ Unsportsmanlike Conduct)

Limited Late Models 15 Lap Feature
1. 21 Forrest Gough
2. 45 Roger Crouse
3. 88 Dale Pope
4. 61 Thomas Scott
5. 71 Richard Livernois, Jr.
6. 7JR Jesse Brown
7. 75 Stephen Hohlbaugh
8. 222 Troy Dittebrand
9. 18 Dalton Goldhammer
10. 00 Louis Ledlow
11. 73 Jeremy Simpson
12. 49 Randy Shields
13. 77D Jason Dyal
14. 0 Darrell Taylor
15. 102 Jason Popt
16. 57 Curtis Book (DNS)

East Bay Sprints 20 Lap Feature
1. 3A AJ Maddox
2. 9 Billy Boyd, Jr.
3. 15 Johnny Gilbertons
4. 3K Kurt Taylor
5. 2B Frank Beck
6. 55 Kerry Gilbert
7. 1* Tim George
8. 7 Kyle Pitts
9. 3XK Guy Bos
10. 3 Travis Bliemeister
11. 07 Clint Reynolds
12. 38 Tony Agin
13. 50 Rick Byerly
14. 10X Sean Clark
15. 17C Aileen Collins
16. DJ Peeples
17. 15JR Geoff Styner
18. 12 David Kelly
19. 0 Jimmy Ballew
20. 80 Lorenzo Capitano (DNS)
21. 8 Rich Alexander (DNS)
22. 82 Matt Kurtz (DNS)
23. 21 Jason Webster (DNS)

Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers 15 Lap Feature
1. 66 John Moore
2. 22 George Handy
3. 04x Richard Humfeld
4. 88 Patrick Fiore, Sr.
5. 5Y Aaron Yahnke
6. 813 Stephen Morris
7. 82 Devon Smith
8. 27N Jimmy Williams
9. 09x Brett Calogne
10. 23 Gary Lucas
11. 4 Kayla Jones
12. 5 Eddie Summitt
13. 16 Terry Cannon
14. 3 Jeff Pulaski
15. 318 Chris Morris

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