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Johnson Winner 2-21-14


TAMPA, FL….2/21/14…….On Friday night when Wayne Johnson thought there was no way he would be racing, let alone winning, the odds turned in favor of the Knoxville, Iowa driver and he started on the front row of the final preliminary 25-lap feature leading up to the East Bay Raceway’s 16th Annual King of 360’s and ended up in victory lane with a check for $1,500.

All day long 53 racers worked on their cars in a leisurely fashion as fans wondered in and out of the pits and facilities at East Bay just waiting for the predicted heavy rains that never came. The storms that skirted the Tampa race track had already washed out races that were scheduled at other tracks. But, the anticipated rain never happened and the track crew readied the surface for racing and tickets were sold and the race went on as scheduled.

The preliminary events were held and the feature for the qualified 20 cars were set showing Danny Wood from Norman, Oklahoma and Johnson bringing the field to the initial green ahead of Lou Kennedy from Winnipeg, British Columbia and Bryan Sebetto out of Fremont, Ohio in row two.

It was Johnson that put down an impressive five laps to lead the field before the only yellow flag waved for Chad Kemenah who spun on the back stretch and Hud Horton with no place to go got collected. As the green replaced the yellow, Johnson continued his domination and pulled away from Wood, Sebetto and Greg Wilson.

Johnson’s Charlie Fisher powered XXX chassis was locked down to the track and he had no serious challenges. He acknowledged his sponsors Miles Hill, Todd Carlisle, Ray Williams and Vern Williams and thanked them for their support in his victory lane appearance. “I’m just a poor boy from Oklahoma trying to make my dreams come true,” he explained. “I wish my wife and daughter, Erin and Paige were here to see this. Al (Varnadore) and his crew did a job on this track and my hat’s off to them.”

Referring to his previous win of the Ronald Laney Memorial in 2010, he indicated he can’t wait until Saturday’s $10,000-to-win race. With this win it assures him a front row starting spot.

Following the front four it was Rico Abreu, Lou Kennedy, Terry McCarl, Danny Holtgraver, Jac Haudenschild and David Gravel in the top 10. Wood, Etienne Girard, Lou Kennedy, Parker Price-Miller, Abreu and Wilson won heats.

Saturday’s l3th Annual Ronald Laney Memorial will start with hot laps at 6:00PM and racing will be at 7:00PM. Call 813-477-7223 or check the website for more information.

Thanks, Jean Lynch for East Bay Raceway Park.

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360 Sprints 2/21/2014
A-Main:1. Wayne Johnson (Knoxville, IA), 2. Danny Wood (Norman, OK), 3. Bryan Sebetto (Fremont, OH), 4. Greg Wilson (Benton Ridge, OH), 5. Rico Abreu (Rutherford, CA), 6. Lou Kennedy (Winnipeg, BC), 7. Terry McCarl (Altoona, IA), 8. Danny Holtgraver (Pittsburgh, PA), 9. Jac Haudenschild (Wooster, OH), 10. David Gravel (Watertown, CT), 11. Danny Lasoski (Dover, MO), 12. Sam Hafertepe Jr. (Sunnyvale, TX), 13. Danny Martin Jr (Tampa, FL), 14. Christopher Bell (Norman, OK), 15. Etienne Girard (Drummondville, ON), 16. Thomas Kennedy (Winnipeg, BC), 17. Parker Price-Miller (Kokomo, IN), 18. Channin Tankersley (Highlands, TX), 19. Chad Kemenah (Findlay, OH), 20. Hud Horton (Germantown, OH),

B-Main 1:1. Hud Horton (Germantown, OH), 2. Jac Haudenschild (Wooster, OH), 3. Johnny Gilbertson (Plant City, FL), 4. Michael Miller (Ocean Springs, MS), 5. Kevin Ward Jr (Port Leyden, NY), 6. Todd Hoddick (Cheektowaga, NY), 7. Freddie McCall (Brewton, AL), 8. Gary Floyd (San Angelo, TX), 9. Tyler Godwin (Tampa, Fl), 10. Bradley Greer (Coulterville, IL), 11. Josh Baughman (Odessa, TX), 12. Dain Naida (Tecumseh, MI), 13. Glenn Styres (Ohsweken, ON),

B-Main 2:1. Chad Kemenah (Findlay, OH), 2. Christopher Bell (Norman, OK), 3. Danny Straton (Birdsboro, PA), 4. Shawn Dancer (Delphos, OH), 5. Robbie Smith (Tampa, FL), 6. Tim Shaffer (Aliquippa, PA), 7. Danny Smith (Chillicothe, OH), 8. Jerod Roller (Hernando, MS), 9. Klint Angelette (Thibodaux, LA), 10. Scotty Thiel (Sheboygen, WI), 11. Ryan Moore (Moss Point, MS), 12. Gene Lasker (Tampa, FL), 13. Joe Zuczek (Venice, FL),

B-Main 3:1. Danny Lasoski (Dover, MO), 2. Thomas Kennedy (Winnipeg, BC), 3. Brandon Hanks (Burlison, TN), 4. Jason Sides (Bartlett, TN), 5. Greg Hodnett (Thomasville, PA), 6. Russ Hall (Des Moines, IA), 7. AJ Maddox (Tampa, FL), 8. Morgan Turpen (Cordova, TN), 9. Terry Gray (Bartlett, TN), 10. Carson McCarl (Altoona, IA), 11. Tony Agin (Fort Myers, FL), 12. Lance Hester (Long Beach, MS), 13. Todd Fayard (Saucier, MS),

Heat Race 1:1. Danny Wood (Norman, OK), 2. Hud Horton (Germantown, OH), 3. David Gravel (Watertown, CT), 4. Josh Baughman (Odessa, TX), 5. Christopher Bell (Norman, OK), 6. Dain Naida (Tecumseh, MI), 7. Danny Smith (Chillicothe, OH), 8. Gene Lasker (Tampa, FL), 9. Lance Hester (Long Beach, MS),

Heat Race 2:1. Etienne Girard (Drummondville, ON), 2. Robbie Smith (Tampa, FL), 3. Chad Kemenah (Findlay, OH), 4. Shawn Dancer (Delphos, OH), 5. Brandon Hanks (Burlison, TN), 6. Thomas Kennedy (Winnipeg, BC), 7. AJ Maddox (Tampa, FL), 8. Todd Hoddick (Cheektowaga, NY), 9. Joe Zuczek (Venice, FL),

Heat Race 3:1. Lou Kennedy (Winnipeg, BC), 2. Danny Lasoski (Dover, MO), 3. Wayne Johnson (Knoxville, IA), 4. Danny Martin Jr (Tampa, FL), 5. Carson McCarl (Altoona, IA), 6. Kevin Ward Jr (Port Leyden, NY), 7. Klint Angelette (Thibodaux, LA), 8. Terry Gray (Bartlett, TN), 9. Greg Hodnett (Thomasville, PA),

Heat Race 4:1. Parker Price-Miller (Kokomo, IN), 2. Bryan Sebetto (Fremont, OH), 3. Danny Straton (Birdsboro, PA), 4. Sam Hafertepe Jr. (Sunnyvale, TX), 5. Bradley Greer (Coulterville, IL), 6. Jerod Roller (Hernando, MS), 7. Tony Agin (Fort Myers, FL), 8. Morgan Turpen (Cordova, TN), 9. Ryan Moore (Moss Point, MS),

Heat Race 5:1. Rico Abreu (Rutherford, CA), 2. Terry McCarl (Altoona, IA), 3. Jason Sides (Bartlett, TN), 4. Jac Haudenschild (Wooster, OH), 5. Channin Tankersley (Highlands, TX), 6. Tim Shaffer (Aliquippa, PA), 7. Michael Miller (Ocean Springs, MS), 8. Gary Floyd (San Angelo, TX), 9. Freddie McCall (Brewton, AL),

Heat Race 6:1. Greg Wilson (Benton Ridge, OH), 2. Johnny Gilbertson (Plant City, FL), 3. Danny Holtgraver (Pittsburgh, PA), 4. Russ Hall (Des Moines, IA), 5. Tyler Godwin (Tampa, Fl), 6. Todd Fayard (Saucier, MS), 7. Glenn Styres (Ohsweken, ON), 8. Scotty Thiel (Sheboygen, WI),

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360 Sprints 2/21/2014
1. (419)Wayne Johnson (Knoxville, IA), 2. (414)Bryan Sebetto (Fremont, OH), 3. (413)Rico Abreu (Rutherford, CA), 4. (407)Parker Price-Miller (Kokomo, IN), 5. (406)Danny Wood (Norman, OK), 6. (404)Danny Lasoski (Dover, MO), 7. (399)Etienne Girard (Drummondville, ON), 8. (399)David Gravel (Watertown, CT), 9. (396)Jac Haudenschild (Wooster, OH), 10. (392)Chad Kemenah (Findlay, OH), 11. (388)Greg Wilson (Benton Ridge, OH), 12. (388)Danny Martin Jr (Tampa, FL), 13. (388)Christopher Bell (Norman, OK), 14. (386)Russ Hall (Des Moines, IA), 15. (386)Jason Sides (Bartlett, TN), 16. (382)Danny Smith (Chillicothe, OH), 17. (381)Terry McCarl (Altoona, IA), 18. (380)Lou Kennedy (Winnipeg, BC), 19. (378)Greg Hodnett (Thomasville, PA), 20. (376)Jerod Roller (Hernando, MS), 21. (375)Danny Holtgraver (Pittsburgh, PA), 22. (374)Robbie Smith (Tampa, FL), 23. (372)Tim Shaffer (Aliquippa, PA), 24. (371)Sam Hafertepe Jr. (Sunnyvale, TX), 25. (370)Channin Tankersley (Highlands, TX), 26. (369)Thomas Kennedy (Winnipeg, BC), 27. (366)Carson McCarl (Altoona, IA), 28. (361)Hud Horton (Germantown, OH), 29. (359)Shawn Dancer (Delphos, OH), 30. (358)Danny Straton (Birdsboro, PA), 31. (357)Johnny Gilbertson (Plant City, FL), 32. (354)AJ Maddox (Tampa, FL), 33. (351)Kevin Ward Jr (Port Leyden, NY), 34. (349)Brandon Hanks (Burlison, TN), 35. (348)Josh Baughman (Odessa, TX), 36. (346)Morgan Turpen (Cordova, TN), 37. (345)Dain Naida (Tecumseh, MI), 38. (344)Glenn Styres (Ohsweken, ON), 39. (344)Tyler Godwin (Tampa, Fl), 40. (343)Klint Angelette (Thibodaux, LA), 41. (343)Michael Miller (Ocean Springs, MS), 42. (342)Freddie McCall (Brewton, AL), 43. (341)Bradley Greer (Coulterville, IL), 44. (341)Scotty Thiel (Sheboygen, WI), 45. (340)Todd Hoddick (Cheektowaga, NY), 46. (339)Gary Floyd (San Angelo, TX), 47. (338)Gene Lasker (Tampa, FL), 48. (338)Todd Fayard (Saucier, MS), 49. (336)Terry Gray (Bartlett, TN), 50. (336)Joe Zuczek (Venice, FL), 51. (335)Ryan Moore (Moss Point, MS), 52. (334)Tony Agin (Fort Myers, FL), 53. (331)Lance Hester (Long Beach, MS),

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