Attention All Street Stock Drivers: Street Stock Rules Addendum

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2013 World Street Stock Rules Addendum
Effective December 1, 2013

Rear Trailing Arms: Must be stock trailing arms. NO aftermarket, adjustable or heim joint trailing
arms allowed. Stock bushings, neoprene bushings or mono-ball bushings are allowed. Upper trailing arms must be same length. Lower trailing arms must be same length. Upper and lower trailing arms do not have to be the same length. Example: both uppers are 14” and both lowers are 16”.Mounting points on chassis must be in stock location. Mounting points on rear-end must be in stock location. Multiple mounting points are allowed on rear end. Trailing arms must be OEM as supplied by manufacturer.
Any cutting, welding or alterations to stock trailing arms will be deemed illegal. Changing of bushings is allowed.

2014 World Street Stock Rules Addendum
Effective: January 1, 2014

Body and Spoiler Rules: This change will take place for the beginning of the 2014 season:
Wedge or sloped noses will not be allowed a spoiler. Stock appearing noses mounted in stock appearing manner will be allowed to run a spoiler: open motors—5” (five) spoiler crate motors—6” (six) spoiler
Either spoiler is allowed a maximum of 2 (two) flat sideboards no more than 6” (six) total length. Sideboards shall be no taller than the spoiler
All sideboards must have rounded edges on top corners (front & back).
1 (one) bracket will be allowed inside spoiler, but must not be taller than spoiler and no more than 3″ (three) forward from bottom mounting point of spoiler.
Spoiler will be allowed a maximum 1/2″ wicker bill.
Maximum width of spoiler (outside to outside) is 72”.

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