Roger Crouse Wins David Reutimann Foundation 50 In Front Of A Packed House At East Bay Raceway Park

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Crouse Winner 11-30-13

November 30, 2013 – Tampa, FL – It was a packed house as David and his Father Buzzie Reutimann would battle it out for bragging rights in the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modified Reutimann Foundation 50 Lap Feature. Also racing were the Late Models, V8 Warriors, Outlaw Fours and Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks.

First feature of the night went to the Outlaw Fours as Nick Hebrank and Billy Howard won their heat races. On the front row for the feature it would be Eric Knight and Brittany Yates. When the green waved, Knight quickly took the lead until caution came out on lap two with Jake Hampton spinning in turn one. Knight again took the green and led the field into turn one until the next caution on lap six as Don R. Quinn slowed in turn four. On the restart it would be Brandon Yates spinning after running in second. It was on the final restart Knight would have Billy Howard and Brittany Yates trying to get by Knight for the first few green laps. As the checkered waved it was Knight picking up his very first feature win. Rounding out the top five were Jesse James Foster, Brittany Yates, Brandon Yates and Billy Howard.

Next up were the Late Models. Twenty two cars were on hand tonight as Travis Varnadore, Josh Peacock and Phillip Cobb won their heats. On the front row of the feature would be Mavrick Varnadore and Doug Horton. But before the feature had started Varnadore pulled into the pits with a broken ladder bar moving Shan Smith up to the pole position alongside of Horton. When the green waved it was Horton leading the first five laps until caution came out for Henry Burnside spinning in turn four. Horton would take the green but on the very next lap Keith Nosbisch would take over the lead. On lap ten it was a rare mistake by Jack Nosbisch, Jr. driving for Bobby Lake Motorsports spinning in turn two. Several more cautions would come throughout the race as Keith Nosbisch went on to pick up his seventh feature of the year. Rounding out the top five were Doug Horton, Doug Watson, Phillip Cobb and Shan Smith.

V8 Warriors were next with Derek Gray and Marco Reyes winning their heats. Don Foligno and Bill Whitney would make up the front row for the feature. On lap one it was Reyes taking the lead and not looking back as it would be a caution free race for the Warrior’s feature. With just two more races left in the point’s battle between defending Champion Jeff Weaver and Marco Reyes, Reyes closed the points gap with Weaver leading by only 12 points. Rounding out the top five were Bill Whitney, Don Foligno, Derek Gray and Jeff Weaver.

Next was the 50 lap feature for the David Reutimann Foundation 50 for the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds. Winning their heats were Buzzie Reutimann, Roger Crouse and Devin Dixon. Rich Pratt and Jason Gross in a Beak Built Chassis built by David Reutimann would make up the front row. Gross would lead the first lap until John Bradley went up in smoke on the front stretch. Gross would lead the next few laps until David Reutimann spun over in turn two. Reutimann went to the pits but made it out in time before the feature restarted. On the restart on lap six Gross was in front but Roger Crouse was not far behind with Pratt behind him. Roger would take over the lead on lap seven. Third place Pratt spun in turn one bringing out another caution. But the final caution would wave on lap ten with Gross second and Devin Dixon up to third place. It would be a forty lap dash to the finish as no other cautions would come out. Crouse had to get through lapped cars with Dixon hot on his tail. By lap forty Crouse had a two second lead over Dixon. By lap forty five it went to almost a three second advantage as Roger Crouse went on to win the Reutimann Foundation 50 in the very first Beak Built car. Rounding out the top five were Devin Dixon, Buzzie Reutimann, Austin Sanders and Matt Miller.

Final feature of the night went to the Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks. Winning their heats were Trent Wilson and Buck Woodhouse. Brian Morgan and Ronnie Heard would start on the front row of the feature event. Morgan quickly took the lead until lap three when Michael Eaton spun in turn four. Brian Morgan would take the green once again and lead the way until caution would come out on lap six with Justan Rodgers spinning in turn two after reaching the top five. On the final restart it was Morgan leading the way with Woodhouse and Wilson trying to take the lead away as Morgan went on to win the feature and also won the Hunger Run, a four race series picking up an extra $1,000 for his efforts. Rounding out the top five would be Buck Woodhouse, Trent Wilson, Tommy Hill and William Burnside.

ASA racing continues next weekend with the Limited Late Models, Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints, Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks, 4 Cylinder Bombers and the V8 Warriors. The Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints will be racing for $1,000 to win sponsored by Buddy’s Home Furnishings. For further information, log on to for call 813-677-7223 for more information.

Outlaw Fours 15 Lap Feature
1. 12 Eric Knight
2. 58 Jesse James Foster
3. 553 Brittany Yates
4. 53 Brandon Yates
5. 47 Billy Howard
6. 9 Nick Hebrank
7. 75 Jake Hampton
8. 11 Don T. Quinn
9. 51 Rachelle Rudolph
10. 19T Don R. Quinn

Late Models 25 Lap Feature
1. 02 Keith Nosbisch
2. 5 Doug Horton
3. 07 Doug Watson
4. 32 Phillip Cobb
5. 55 Shan Smith
6. 8M Matt Miller
7. 105 Dave Schmauss
8. 33 Jeff Mathews
9. 88 David Pollen, Jr.
10. 15 Perry Brown
11. 46M Kyle Musselman
12. 95 Steven Mathis, Jr.
13. 87 John Norris
14. 7 Billy Holmes
15. 22 Sheryl Cochran
16. 25 Gary Foxworth
17. 27 Jack Nosbisch, Jr.
18. 985 Henry Burnside
19. 41 Travis Varnadore
20. 21P Josh Peacock
21. 14 Mavrick Varnadore
22. P1 Wallace Peacock (DNS)

V8 Warriors 15 Lap Feature
1. 93 Marco Reyes
2. 15 Bill Whitney
3. 98 Don Foligno
4. 89 Derek Gray
5. 26 Jeff Weaver
6. 80 Kevin Cassaday
7. 09 Jessica Robbins
8. 33 Bo Anderson
9. 51 Ron Smith
10. 50 Steve Voisinet
11 3Z William Suggs
12. 08 Tim Stoffel (DNS)

David Reutimann Foundation 50 Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds 50 Lap Feature
1. 9 Roger Crouse
2. 2 Devin Dixon
3. 00 Buzzie Reutimann
4. 64 Austin Sanders
5. 8M Matt Miller
6. 35 Jerry Bruce
7. 12 Jason Gross
8. 33H Bruce Harvey
9. 67 Garret Stewart
10. 205 Phillip Cobb
11. 27N Nate Bregenzer
12. 12D David Reutimann
13. 22 Dale Kelley
14. 54X Paul Snyder
15. 78 Rich Pratt
16. 15X Paul Rivall
17. 54 Scott Grossenbacher
18. 87 John Bradley
19. 33 Jeff Mathews (DNS)

Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks 15 Lap Feature
1. 9 Brian Morgan
2. 55 Buck Woodhouse
3. 64 Trent Wilson
4. 1H Tommy Hill
5. 31 William Burnside
6. 95 Justan Rodgers
7. 68 Mike Wilson
8. 80 Dennis Wilson, Jr.
9. 100 Ronnie Heard
10. 95X Chris Graebner
11. 48M Roberto Morfin, Sr.
12. 32 Michael Eaton
13. 75 Billy Barstow
14. 80 Richard Nelson (DNS)
15. 49 Doug Johnson (DNS)
16. 13 Thomas Burnside (DNS)
17. 56 Brett Koch (DNS)

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