Keith Nosbisch Wins The Donnie Tanner Memorial 50 Lap Late Model $1,500 To Win Feature At East Bay Raceway Park

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Nosbisch Winner 10-26-13

Keith Nosbisch Wins The Donnie Tanner Memorial 50 Lap Late Model $1,500 To Win Feature At East Bay Raceway Park

October 26, 2013 – Tampa, FL – It was the third race in the Donnie Tanner Memorial Series for the Late Models as they would battle for 50 laps in their feature event paying $1,500 to the winner. Also racing were the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, V8 Warriors, Fl. Old Time Mods and the 4 Cylinder Bombers.

Before the features were run it was Halloween five days early here at East Bay as the drivers gave out candy to the kids 12 & under tonight during intermission on the front stretch. Hundreds of kids packed the front stretch all dressed up in their Halloween costumes with a costume contest held earlier in the night.

First feature of the night went to the V8 Warriors. Winning their heats were Jessica Robbins and Marco Reyes. For the front row it was Roberto Morfin, Sr. and Robbins for the feature. When the green waved Morfin, Sr. quickly took the lead only to get tangled with Brett Phillips coming out of turn four sending Morfin, Sr. to the pits to come back out one lap down. So on the restart it would be William Suggs and Robbins now making up the front row. When the green waved once again Robbins took the lead until Marco Reyes spun in turn two. On the restart it would be Tim Powers taking over the lead and not looking back going on to win the feature with Kevin Cassaday, Brett Phillips, Jessica Robbins and Raymond Vann rounding out the top five.

Next up were the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds. Winning their heats were Thomas Pratt and Matt Miller. Tim Gay would start on the pole with Roger Crouse starting on the outside front row. When the green waved almost the entire field came to rest on the backstretch bringing out the red with only the front three cars making it out of harm’s way. So the field would be re-aligned back up once again for a complete restart with Tim Gay taking the lead. Several more cautions would come out and on the final restart on lap four, Tim Gay would have Roger Crouse and Jerry Bruce, Jr. trying to chase him down. It was on lap seven when Matt Miller took the lead and when he got out in front he was on cruise control as he went on to win his third feature of the season. Rounding out the top five were Roger Crouse, Buzzie Reutimann, Tim Gay and Bobby Dixon.

Next were the Florida Old Time Mods. Winning their heats were Tom McDonald and Jamie Frankland. Starting on the front row for their feature was Robert Campbell and Charlie “Fireball” Mixon. Mixon would lead lap one as Mark Steve would take over on lap two. On lap three Roger Herbach quickly took over until on lap eight as Dan Darnell would come charging from the back going on to win the feature. Rounding out the top five were Jamie Frankland, Roger Herbach, Tom McDonald and Gary Riccio.

Next it was the 50 Lap Feature for the Late Models in Race #3 of the Donnie Tanner Memorial Series. Winning their heats were Jack Nosbisch, Jr. Kyle Bronson and Roger Crouse. For the feature it would be Doug Horton and Steve Miller making up the front row. Horton would quickly take the lead until lap four when Bobby Clark lost control and tagged the backstretch wall right in front of Horton bringing out the first caution. On the restart Horton would lead until Phillip Cobb took over the lead on lap until lap seven as he and Kyle Bronson would tangle in four stacking up the field. On lap eight it was “The Catfish” Keith Nosbisch taking over the lead and finding himself moving into lap traffic by lap thirteen. Several more cautions would come out with Nosbisch still holding on to the lead with Kyle Bronson second and Doug Horton holding onto third until lap nineteen when Steve Mathis, Jr. spun in turn one. On the restart on lap nineteen it was now Nosbisch, Horton and Dave Schmauss making his way up to third. It would be a seventeen lap run as Nosbisch was able to maneuver his way thru traffic with ease opening up a sizeable lead over the rest of the field. Horton held onto second with Mavrick Varnadore now up to third. Only a few more cautions would come out as Nosbisch went on to winning $1,500 payday. “This is a brand new Rocket and it seemed to go where ever I wanted it to” Keith said in Victory Lane. He also thanked all of his crew for helping him out throughout the week. Rounding out the top five was Jack Nosbisch, Jr. after going into the pits on lap seven making his way up to second. Devin Dixon would finish third after starting in the eighteenth position with Doug Horton finishing fourth and Shan Smith fifth.

Final event of the night was the 4 Cylinder Bombers. would put up and extra $25 to the hard charger of the night. Wayne Kissam, Kayla Jones and Don R. Quinn won their heats. For the feature it would be George Handy and Jeremey Douglas making up the front row. Handy would lead the first couple laps until John Moore took over on lap three. Caution came out on lap eight as Jones and Quinn made contact with Quinn stopping in turn two and on lap nine it was Patrick Fiore, Sr. bringing out the caution as his car caught on fire. Moore would lead the field to the checkered flag with Wayne Kissam, George Handy, Darrell Taylor who finished fourth and picking up the Hard Charger Award picking up the $25 and finishing fifth was Red Vann.

ASA racing continues next weekend with the Limited Late Models, Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks, V8 Warriors and the 4 Cylinder Bombers. For further information, log on to for call 813-677-7223 for more information.

V8 Warriors 15 Lap Feature
1 98 Tim Powers
2. 80 Kevin Cassaday
3. 28 Brett Phillips
4. 09 Jessica Robbins
5. 32 Raymond Vann
6. 93 Marco Reyes
7. 11 Henry Wiley
8. 26 Jeff Weaver
9. 7M Robert Morfin, Sr.
10. 3Z William Suggs
11. 08 Tim Stoffel
12. 15 Bill Whitney
13. 51 Ron Smith
14. 67 Jon Bosquin (DNS)

Gagel’s Open Wheel Modified 15 Lap Feature
1. 8M Matt Miller
2. DOO Roger Crouse
3. 00 Buzzie Reutimann
4. 8 Tim Gay
5. 205 Bobby Dixon
6. 35 Jerry Bruce, Jr.
7. 22 Dale Kelley
8. 27N Nate Bregenzer
9. 87 John Bradley
10. 54 Scott Brossenbacher
11. 81 Thomas Pratt
12. 64 Austin Sanders

Florida Old Time Mods 12 Lap Feature
1. 111 Dan Darnell
2. 1 Jamie Frankland
3. 47 Roger Herbach
4. 22B Tom McDonald
5. 03 Gary Riccio
6. 3 Charlie Mixon
7. 11 Robert Campbell
8. 22S Mark Steve
9. 14 Kathy Herback

Late Models 50 Lap Feature
1. 102 Keith Nosbisch
2. 12 Jack Nosbisch, Jr.
3. 95 Devin Dixon
4. 11 Doug Horton
5. 55 Shan Smith
6. 105 Dave Schmauss
7. 40B Kyle Bronson
8. 15 Roger Crouse
9. 8S Steve Miller
10. P1 Wallace Peacock
11. 40 Thomas Pratt
12. 25 Gary Foxworth
13. 11M Megan Meyer
14. 14 Mavrick Varnadore
15. 32 Phillip Cobb
16. 41 Travis Varnadore
17. 57M Mark Haase
18. 51 Bobby Clark
19. 87 John Norris
20. 985 Henry Burnside
21. 95JR Steve Mathis, Jr.
22. 54 Dalton Myers
23. 6 Adam Boyd
24. 2X Tommy Prince
25. 09 Scott O’Neal
26. 11J Jamie Slatton 4 Cylinder Bombers 15 Lap Feature
1. 66 John Moore
2. 07 Wayne Kissam
3. 22 George Handy
4. 0 Darrell Taylor (Hard Charger Award)
5. 1V Red Vann
6. L13 Jeremey Douglas
7. 985 Jason Burnside
8. 09X Brett Calonge
9. 28X Devon Smith
10. 28 Jack Robertson
11. 33 Don R. Quinn
12. 04X Richard Humfeld
13. 88 Patrick Fiore, Sr.
14. 119 Jimmy Baker
15. 48M Eddie Summitt
16. 03 Patrick Tabb
17. 4 Kayla Jones (DQ)
18. 24 Michelle Valdez (DNS)
19. 23 Gary Lucas (DNS)

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