David Schmauss Makes Bold Move With Few Laps Remaining To Win Second Feature Of The Year At East Bay Raceway Park

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Schmauss Winner 9-21-13

September 21, 2013 – Tampa, FL – It was Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Back To School night at East Bay Raceway Park as book bags were given to a boy and a girl from grades Kindergarten through Eighth grade. Fans were also eligible to win $100 cash also courtesy of Q Auto & Injury as the Late Models, Limited Late Models, V8 Warriors, Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers and the class sponsored Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks were all on hand tonight.

First feature of the night belonged to the Street Stocks as Mike Wilson and Jeff Rodgers won their heats. For the feature it was Dennis Williams and Mike Wilson on the front row. When the green waved on the first lap it was Williams and Wilson side by side. On lap two Wilson led but not by much as Wilson would take over on lap three. With just two laps remaining William Burnside found himself spun around in turn four as it was the only caution of the race. Wilson found himself trying to hold on as point’s leader Dennis Wilson, Jr as he was right on his rear bumber on the restart. When the checkered waved it was Wilson picking up his second feature win of the year followed by Thomas Burnside, Dennis Wilson, Jr., Dennis Williams and Buck Woodhouse rounding out the top five.
Next up were the Limited Late Models. Winning their heats were Dale Pope and Ricky Land. For the feature it was Jesse Brown and Land on the front row. When the green waved it was Pope diving to the inside and taking over the top spot out of turn two and not looking back as the feature went without a caution with Pope winning followed by Roger Crouse, Jesse Brown, Ricky Land and Shane Koperda rounding out the top five.

V8 Warriors were next with Marco Reyes and Tim Stoffel winning their heats. For the feature it was Bill Whitney and Jeff Weaver starting on the front row. When the green waved as the field was coming out of turn four Ron Smith would find himself upside down bringing out the red flag. Smith was ok but the car was unable to continue. When the race resumed Weaver was the leader with Bill Whitney right on his rear bumper. Whitney would have problems on lap six and had a right rear flat ending his night. Weaver would hold on to win his fourth feature of the season with Marco Reyes, Tim Stoffel, Bill Whitney and Jessica Robbins. Whitney and Robbins moved up after Glenn Keller and Brett Phillips were dq’d in tech for no mufflers after they crossed the line fourth and fifth.

Next were the Late Models. Sixteen cars were on hand as Josh Peacock and Phillip Cobb won their heats and would make up the front row for the feature. Travis Varnadore would lead lap one with Cobb right behind him until several cars got together in turn four bringing out the first caution. On the restart it was Peacock and Varnadore side by side at the line. On the next two laps the two would exchange the lead until caution came out as David Schmauss spun in turn one. Schmauss would have to go the end of the longest line on the restart. When the green waved on lap four it was Peacock, Varnadore and Cobb the front three until lap thirteen when Adam Boyd slowed in turn two. Schmauss had made his way up to the third position in just nine laps finding himself in the hunt for a win. On the restart Peacock was leading with Varnadore in tow as they headed into turn four. Schmauss would make a bold move and dove to the bottom and found himself leading the way on lap fifteen and found his way into Victory Lane for the second time this season. “We bought a new car just two weeks ago right off the scales and thought about running it tonight, but decided to finish the year out in this one which was up for sale in the beginning of the year” Schmauss stated. Schmauss thanked his sponsor Cardinal Paint & Body for their continued support throughout the years and all his friends who have stuck with him as well. He also thanked another sponsor Outlaw Race Parts South. Travis Varnadore, Josh Peacock, Steve Miller and Dalton Myers rounded out the top five.

Final feature of the night was the Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers. Winning their heats were Raymond Vann and Jimmy Baker. Starting on the front row of the feature were Jeremey Douglas and George Handy. On the second try for the start of the feature it was Patrick Fiore, Sr. who rolled over in turn one bringing out the first red of the feature. Driver was ok as the car was unable to continue. So when the green waved again on the third retry, Raymond Vann took over the lead until lap five when Kayla Jones found herself upside down in turn one bringing out the second red of the feature. Driver again was ok but car again not able to continue. On the restart on lap five Vann had George Handy and Don Quinn trying to take the lead away. Handy had brought out the last caution as he stopped on the backstretch with Vann holding on and picking up the win. Don R. Quinn, Jimmy Baker, John Moore and Jeremey Douglas rounded out the top five.

ASA racing continues next weekend as the Late Models, Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, Outlaw Fours, Florida Mini Sprints, V8 Warriors and the Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers all return for action. For further information, log on to www.eastbayracewaypark.com for call 813-677-7223 for more information.

Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks 15 Lap Feature
1. 68 Mike Wilson
2. 13 Thomas Burnside
3. 42 Dennis Wilson, Jr.
4. 24 Dennis Williams
5. 55R Buck Woodhouse
6. 31 William Burnside
7. 48M Roberto Morfin, Sr.
8. 49 Doug Johnson
9. 95 Jeff Rodgers
10. 89 David Barwick, II
11. 100 Ronnie Heard

Limited Late Models 15 Lap Feature
1. 88 Dale Pope
2. 45 Roger Crouse
3. 7JR Jesse Brown
4. 66 Ricky Land
5. 15 Shane Koperda
6. 22 Todd Ford
7. 57 Curtis Book
8. 21 Forrest Gough
9. 29 Stephen Hohlbaugh
10. 49 Henry Burnside
11. 99 Keven Devrieze
12. 71 Richard Livernois, Jr. (DNS)
13. 75R Jason Russell (DNS)
14. 27 Scotty Williams (DNS)
15. Jeremy Simpson (DNS)

V8 Warriors 15 Lap Feature
1. 26 Jeff Weaver
2. 93 Marco Reyes
3. 08 Tim Stoffel
4. 15 Bill Whitney
5. 09 Jessica Robbins
6. 3Y Ron Smith
7. 80 Kevin Cassaday (DNS)
8. 11 Henry Wiley (DNS)
9. 3Z William Suggs (DNS)
10. 02 Glenn Keller (DQ No Muffler)
11. 28 Brett Phillips (DQ No Mufler)

Late Models 25 Lap Feature
1. 105 David Schmauss
2. 41 Travis Varnadore
3. 21PJosh Peacock
4. 8S Steve Miller
5. 54 Dalton Myers
6. 2X Tommy Prince
7. 32 Phillip Cobb
8. 15 Roger Crouse
9. 46M Kyle Musselman
10. 87 John Norris
11. P1 Wallace Peacock
12. 311 Kenny Monahan
13. 09 Scott O’Neil
14. 6 Adam Boyd
15. 83 Wayne Hayes
16. 38 Shan Smith

Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers 15 Lap Feature
1. 1V Raymond Vann
2. 33 Don R. Quinn
3. 69X Jimmy Baker
4. 66 John Moore
5. L13 Jeremey Douglas
6. 0 Darrell Taylor
7. 04X Richard Humfeld
8. 23 Gary Lucas
9. 01 Ed Rayburn
10. 22 George Handy
11. 4 Kayla Jones
12. 09X Brett Calonge
13. 88 Patrick Fiore, Sr.
14. 27N Jimmy Williams
15. 2 Robert Gullet, Sr.
16. 14B Bailey Purcell (DNS)
17 69 Bubba Puyear (DNS)

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