Jack Nosbisch, Jr. Wins Late Model Feature Preparing For Scott Thompson Memorial

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Nosbisch Winer 8-10-13

August 10, 2013 – Tampa, FL – It was a hot summer night as the Late Models made their return after their last race on May 25th after weeks of rainouts here at East Bay Raceway Park. Also racing tonight were the V8 Warriors, Outlaw Fours and the Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers.

First feature of the night went to the Outlaw Fours. Winning the heat was Billy Howard early on and he and Stephen Hohlbaugh would make up the front row for the feature. When the green flag waved it was Hohlbaugh jumping out to the top spot with Howard trailing him until the first caution of the night came out when Megan Meyer would come to rest in turn four. The green waved once again and it was on lap seven when Brandon Yates got sideways and with nowhere to go Nick Hebrank was caught up in the wreck which ended his night. When the checkered flag waved it was Hohlbaugh picking up his sixth win of the 2013 season. Rounding out the top five were Raymond Folwell, Billy Howard, Brandon Yates and Megan Meyer coming back to finish fifth.

Next up were the V8 Warriors. Winning their heats were Jeff Weaver and Tim Stoffel. Brett Phillips and Bill Whitney would make up the front row for the feature. When the green waved it was Phillips leading lap one and Whitney passed Phillips to lead the next lap. Caution would come out on lap two as the current points leader Marco Reyes had something break on his right front suspension ending his night. Reyes held just a small point lead over Jeff Weaver before the night began. On lap two it was now Bill Whitney leading the way as Don Foligno was right on Whitney’s back bumper and would take over the lead on lap four. Caution would come out on lap five as former Motorstats.com Champion Collin Kruse would spin in turn two in his first night out in his new car. Several more cautions came out during the race and it was on lap thirteen as Bill Whitney and Don Foligno would battle side by side coming out of turn four and the both would tangle sending Foligno into the front stretch wall and Whitney into the tire barriers on the front stretch. Both cars would not be able to continue and that would hand over the lead to Kevin Cassaday looking to pick up his first feature win of the season traveling from the LaBelle area. When the checkered waved it was Cassaday winning. “It takes us about three hours to travel up here and we love to come and race here when we can” stated Cassaday in Victory Lane with a huge smile on his face. Rounding out the top five were Jeff Weaver, Ron Smith, Collin Kruse and Tim Stoffel.

Next were the Late Models. The last time the Late Models competed at East Bay was May 25th with Keith Nosbisch in Victory Lane. Twenty two cars were on hand tonight as some were getting ready for the Scott Thompson Memorial to be held on September 7th. Winning their heats were Josh Peacock, Phillip Cobb and Jack Nosbisch, Jr.. Making up the front row were Cobb and Peacock as the fans saluted them on their final pace lap cheering and waving them on. When the green waved it was “The Dover White Boy” Josh Peacock taking the early lead with Cobb right behind him. On lap seven the first caution would come out as Tommy Prince spun in turn four. Remember the old saying cautions breed cautions? Well tonight was the case for the Late Models. Peacock would lead the first eight laps until Jack Nosbisch, Jr. took over the top spot on lap nine. Nosbisch would continue to lead while Peacock was challenging him for the top spot with Maverick Varnadore, Steve and Matt Miller and Phillip Cobb would all battle for the top five positions throughout the race. On lap eighteen it was Cobb spinning in turn two and also getting caught up in the accident was Kyle Mussleman. The final restart was with five to go on lap twenty as Nosbisch would go onto win his first feature of the season. The last time Jack raced he finished third to his brother Keith who was not in attendance tonight. “I wish he was here to race with me tonight” Jack said in Victory Lane and said he is ready for the Scott Thompson Memorial on September 7th. Smiling in Victory Lane Jack said “We would have had something for him tonight” referring to his brother Keith. Rounding out the top five were Steve Miller, Jimmy Waldrop, Matt Miller and Josh Peacock. The UPS Store on Boyette Rd and Big Bend put up extra lap money tonight for the leader of lap five and lap ten. Josh Peacock picked up lap five and Jack Nosbisch, Jr. picked up lap ten.

The final feature of the night went to the Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers. Winning their heats were Jeremey Douglas and Raymond Vann. For the feature it was John Moore and Jimmy Baker on the front row. Moore would take the green flag and led the field into turn one leading until the first caution came out as new comer Daniel Wright spun in turn four. The green waved again and Moore continued to lead and he and Raymond Vann would battle side by side at the line on lap four. Moore would lead on lap five and Vann would come back to lead on lap six. Caution came out again as Wrights car made a hard right hand turn into the turn four wall. Wright was ok but his car was done for the night. On lap nine after battling with Moore, Vann pulled his car to the infield ending his night and battling with Moore for the last two laps was Jeremey Douglas. The two were side by side coming out of turn four on the final lap, but Moore had the momentum carrying him to his seventh win of the season. Rounding out the top five were Douglas, Darrell Taylor, Jim Baker and George Handy.

ASA racing continues next weekend with the Gagels Open Wheel Modified battle for 50 laps for the Larry Miller Memorial paying $2,000 to the winner. Also racing next weekend will be the Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Street Stocks, Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers and the Florida Old Time Modifieds. For further information, log on to www.eastbayracewaypark.com for call 813-677-7223 for more information.

Outlaw Fours 15 Lap Feature
1. 75 Stephen Hohlbaugh (6th Feature Win)
2. 5 Raymond Folwell
3. 47 Billy Howard
4. 53 Brandon Yates
5. 11 Megan Meyer
6. 58 Jesse James Foster
7. 9 Nick Hebrank
8. 51 Rachelle Rudolph

V8 Warriors 15 Lap Feature
1. 80 Kevin Cassaday (1st Feature Win)
2. 26 Jeff Weaver
3. 51 Ron Smith
4. 4 Collin Kruse
5. 08 Tim Stoffel
6. 28 Brett Phillips
7. 33 Bo Anderson
8. Don Foligno
9. 15 Bill Whitney
10. 09 Jessica Robbins
11. Henry Wiley
12. 5R Derik Rose
13. 93 Marco Reyes
14. 3Z William Suggs (DNS)
15. 10 Jason Manning (DNS)

Late Models 25 Lap Feature
1. 12 Jack Nosbisch, Jr. (1st Feature Win PLUS Lap 10 Bonus)
2. 8S Steve Miller
3. 9 Jimmy Waldrop
4. 8M Matt Miller
5. 21P Josh Peacock (Lap 5 Bonus)
6. 105 David Schmauss
7. 54 Dalton Myers
8. P1 Wallace Peacock
9. 87 John Norris
10. 46M Kyle Musselman
11. 985 Henry Burnside
12. 120 Jamie Burrows
13. 57M Mark Haase
14. 2X Tommy Prince
15. 32 Phillip Cobb
16. 15 Roger Crouse
17. 14 Mavrick Varnadore
18. 6 Adam Boyd
19. 7JR Jesse Brown
20. 95JR Steven Mathis, Jr.
21. 83 Wayne Hayes
22. 49 Randy Shields

Motorstats.com 4 Cylinder Bombers 15 Lap Feature
1. 66 John Moore (7th Feature Win)
2. L13 Jeremey Douglas
3. 0 Darrell Taylor
4. 69X Jim Baker
5. 22 George Handy
6. 09X Brett Calonge
7. 88X Patrick Fiore, Sr.
8. 813 Stephen Morris
9. 23 Gary Lucas
10. 54 Richard Humfeld
11. 1V Raymond Vann
12. 985 Jason Burnside
13. 119W Daniel Wright
14. 911 Robert Kissam
15. 318 Chris Morris (DNS)

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