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July 17, 2012 – Tampa, FL – The Annual Redneck Smash-A-Rama is coming up quick!! If you are planning on participating in the event, there is NO ENTRY FEE before July 20th!! So hurry on in and get pre-entered. If you enter after July 21st, the entry fee will be $50. That’s $50 for 1 event or $50 for all events. The events include Chain Race, Car-Boat Race, Flag Pole Race, Demo Derby and the Powder Puff Race. Demo Derby cars are for V6 and 4 Cylinder cars only. Ladies, you can only race the Powder Puff event if you have NOT competed in more than 5 races in ANY of the East Bay Raceway Park races. So mark your calendars for JULY 28th, 2012

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